Next Week's Worship

Sunday: May 28, 2017-Seventh Sunday after Easter

Theme: "He Lives; so We Live in Expectation of Glory"

First Lesson: Acts 1: 1-14

Second Lesson: 1 Peter 4: 12-17; 5: 6-11

Sermon Text: John 17: 1-11

    Opening Hymn: How Great Thou Art (Hymn 256 v. 1-3)

    Song of Praise: How Great Thou Art (Hymn 256 v. 4)

    Hymn of the Day: See, the Conquerer Mounts in Triumph (Hymn 174)

    Sermon Hymn: On Christ's Ascension I Now Build (Hymn 173)

    Closing Hymn: Hail the Day that Sees Him Rise (Hymn 175)