WELS Homepage
The Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod's (WELS) website contains devotions, doctrinal articles, and synod news.
This Question and Answer section on the WELS website is a great way to get some basic questions answered.  These questions and submitted by members and nonmembers alike and are answered by WELS Pastors and Professors.
What About Jesus
What About Jesus is another great site that has many different resourses about Jesus, End Times, and a book by book overview of the Bible.  This website is updated weekly with new news articles and devotions.
Martin Luther College
Have you ever thought about becoming a Pastor, Teacher, or Staff Minister?  Martin Luther College is our syond's college for training future teachers and staff ministers and preparing men to go on to the Seminary to become pastors.  The website contains information about the college and also streaming video of morning chapel in the New Chapel of the Christ.
Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary
Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary offers theological training to men who wish to serve as Pastor's in the WELS.  Our Seminary is located in Mequon Wisconsin.  Their website has many different resources available as well as podcasts of their daily chapel.
Military Support
If you have a family member who is a member of our armed forces, this site includes a wide variety of devotions, articles, and assistance for you.  There is also a section to sign up for an e-newsletter that is sent out to our troops.  Just fill out the online referal on the right side of the screen.